Nordstrom Tower/217 West 57th Street, image from Extell

Official Rendering Revealed for 217 West 57th Street, Nordstrom Tower

While Extell has avoided posting any information on-site or online for 217 West 57th Street, YIMBY has brought you two sets of plans for the building, with the most recently obtained versions (dated June of 2014) depicting a 1,795-foot pinnacle. We have now obtained an official rendering Extell is using for the project, dated from this March, confirming it will look almost identical to both versions previously revealed by YIMBY as well as the image of the tower created in-house at Smith + Gill.

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Midtown's Future Skyline

Local Politicans Casting Shadows Over New York City’s Future

The issue of shadows over Midtown had seemingly been settled over a century ago, with the construction of the neighborhood’s first skyscrapers, but many of the new trees in New York’s urban forest will stand a substantial height taller than the existing plateau. While critics have lurked in the background since the death of the original Torre Verre, they are once again out in full force, seeking new limitations on development due to “the shadows.”

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