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Architects Debate the City’s Proposed Zoning Changes, DCP Confirms Market-Rate Parking Minimums Will Remain

If there’s one thing that community boards, developers and architects can agree on, it’s that the city’s zoning code is outdated, restrictive and unclear. So the Department of City Planning is trying to get feedback from architects, planners and communities on its proposed zoning changes, which are meant to spur the construction of affordable and senior housing.

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The New York Metropolitan Area Now Has Over 20 Million People

YIMBY has featured two stories on the new Census data so far: the first on the actual numbers, and the second on how New York City is growing far faster than anticipated, already almost reaching its projected population for 2020. But in terms of milestones, the biggest story of all is that the New York metropolitan area has now passed the 20 million person mark, with the 2014 estimate clocking in at 20,092,883 individuals.

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NYC Skyline in 2023

New York City Is Already At Its 2020 Population Forecast

The new Census estimates show New York City’s population swelling to 8,491,079 people, a 52,700-person increase from the 2013 estimates (which were also revised upwards, or the increase would have been an even larger 85,242 people). Those numbers are up from a 2010 Census baseline of 8,175,133 people.

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