Exterior Work Wraps on ABI Chelsea at 455 West 19th Street in Chelsea

455 West 19th Street, photo by Michael Young

Exterior work is wrapping up on ABI Chelsea, aka 455 West 19th Street, a ten-story residential building in Chelsea. Only the ground floor behind the sidewalk scaffolding remains to be completed. The ten-unit condominium development is designed by Raed Abillama Architects, a Lebanon-based firm, while Paik Architecture is serving as the architect of record. The project is developed by Al Amir Holdings, which is expecting a projected sellout of $77.5 million.

New photos show the bright white façade and windows fully in place.

455 West 19th Street. Photo by Michael Young

455 West 19th Street. Photo by Michael Young

455 West 19th Street. Photo by Michael Young

455 West 19th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The main southern elevation features a composite of styles. The eastern portion of the building incorporates small, narrow windows in a irregular pattern punctuated by a set of vertical fins, while the western half has smoother surfaces and broader glass panels. This design approach is unique among contemporary designs in New York, which tend to be characterized by sheer glass curtains or blocky geometric forms.

The western elevation has been left blank in anticipation that the one-story garage next door will eventually give way to a new development of similar height to 455 West 19th Street.

Located between Eighth and Ninth Avenue near the High Line, 455 West 19th Street is just a few blocks north of Chelsea Market and close to a number of points of interest, though it is still reasonably removed from the flow of tourists. The nearest subways are the C and E trains at the 23rd Street station, while the A is also nearby at the 14th Street station on Eighth Avenue.

A completion date for 455 West 19th Street has yet to be confirmed.

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8 Comments on "Exterior Work Wraps on ABI Chelsea at 455 West 19th Street in Chelsea"

  1. The building is located between Ninth and Tenth avenue.

  2. Confused in St Louis | January 24, 2020 at 12:28 pm | Reply

    So where’s all the “bravos” from the anti glass box delegation? Isn’t this what you want?

  3. 455 West 19th street is between 9th and 10th Avenues, not between 8th and 9th. I’m surprised Michael Young would make this obvious address mistake.

  4. This is beautifully!

  5. It’s strange but I don’t dislike it. You can pick up on a little Mediterranean vibe from the architect involved.

  6. I here that there is court cases and Liens on the building because Subcontractors have not been paid for there work.

  7. Building that rise about the height of surrounding building are not “two dimensional” street-facade-bulding. The north and east elevations, in particular, are as banal as they could possibly be.

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