71-Story Mixed-Use Tower 35 Hudson Yards Now Four Stories Above Street Level

35 Hudson Yards35 Hudson Yards. Rendering by Visual House via Related Companies.

Construction is now four stories above street level on the 71-story, 354-unit mixed-use building under development at 35 Hudson Yards, located on the corner of Eleventh Avenue and West 33rd Street in Hudson Yards district. Progress can be seen thanks to photos posted to the YIMBY Forums. The latest building permits indicate the 1,009-foot-tall tower will encompass 1,046,332 square feet.

35 Hudson Yards

35 Hudson Yards. Photo by Tectonic via the YIMBY Forums.

Retail space will be located on parts of the ground and second floors, in addition to the fourth and fifth floors. Office space will spread across the eighth through 13th floors, followed by a 217-key Equinox hotel on the 15th through 29th floors. There will be 137 condominium apartments across the 31st through 70th floors, averaging a spacious 3,572 square feet apiece. Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group are the developers. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill is the architect and completion is expected in 2019.

35 Hudson Yards

35 Hudson Yards. Photo by Tectonic via the YIMBY Forums.

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11 Comments on "71-Story Mixed-Use Tower 35 Hudson Yards Now Four Stories Above Street Level"

  1. Steel with structure and floors in height on 71-story, we can find the towers anywhere from ground level.

  2. Tower hybrid of hotel, offices and residentials, so, it’s going to be just 4 feet taller than fabled One57, 99 feet taller than 15 Hudson Yards and 124 feet taller than 10 Hudson Yards, accordingly her height of 1,009 feet. AND NUMBER OF FLOOR COUNTS 71, MAKE THIS VERY REASONABLE. 15 Hudson Yards, 910 feet tall and with 88 marketing floors, looks like 70 actual floors will be built. Any words about McDonald Tower to be, Aka 45 Hudson Yards? Looks like it would be capped at 1,034 feet.

  3. This looks very much like a penis. Why would they put that “slit” at the top??? Otherwise, nice to have a stone-clad tower.

  4. Also rendering shows unbuilt yet platform over West Yard, with 80/20 residential to office ratio, and one tower looks like another supertall or like 900 footer. Also they said this platform will be built starting 2017, with all construction here wrapped up by 2024, if you read about this on Wikipedia, but so far only work here for 11th Avenue sidewalk and one lane of traffic, and I didn’t see yet this giant playform built machine or any activity to install it. Also sidewalk left for passersby is so narrow, and nearby stops for Bolt and Megabus, plus add Workers from New 10 Hudson who rush to from Hudson Yards 7 train or M34 select bus stop have a little choice but use this very narrow, sometime just 2 feet wide temporary walkway. While cars traffic goes one way here on 11th ave between 34 and 30 street, plus tourist who wanted a High Line, since the West Yard spur closed at sunset. Maybe it’s time to widening up this temporary walkway, who would be only pedestrian access for years between 34 and 30 streets.Take just few feets from driving portion of wide 3 lanes of traffic, they busy only in Rush hour and they may use West Side Highway as alternative, generally either one portion of that highway is busy at rush hours. Plus if select bus service M34 would be extended to serve 10 Hudson Yards with thousands potential customers already, this would helps too.

  5. Nearby active construction on West 30th, West 29th, West 28th streets between 10th and 11th Avenues, also adds tolls for additional foot traffic for nearby subway stop of 7 train and select bus service M34, all using nearly 2 feet wide temporary sidewalk on 11th Avenue, often with huge pedestrian traffic both way, on this 2 feet wide sidewalk, add for uneven concrete plates and night hours, starting now with evening rush hour, with hundreds Coach and L’Oreal employees, mostly young professionals, rush quickly to West 34st #7 Subway Station.

  6. Simular to 15 Hudson Yards, just adding an office/hotel portion, and all Hudson Yards towers looks pretty unusual for nearby comprehensive Midtown skyline. These towers are pretty tall, slick, to provide a view, and not blocking the majestical views of the rest of mid island skyline located on the crest of Hill, on 8 th Avenue. Also, they used curved forms, sloppy roofs on Crystalline tall towers located downhill of Mid island hilly plato, providing outstanding views from Weehawken, NJ, upon exiting Lincoln tunnel!! $

  7. And towers you see to the top, are on unbuilt yet West Yard, hope they start assembly of platform built machine, over 30 tracks of LIRR West Yard storage. They should do this in 2017. And until then you could see the actual construction site from tourist popular High Line, including outstanding views for Jersey City skyline silhouette!!!

  8. Building to the right is under construction 55 Hudson Yards 1,2 million sq feet office tower, 761/780 feet tall, and with 51 floors up, the shortest tower on East Yard. Now already 17 stories up.

  9. Also Related/Oxford Hudson Yards Development is only applied between West Side Highway, 10th Avenue, west 30 and west 34 boundaries, 3 Hudson Yards is different project as well as Tishnan Speyer 64 story 1005 feet Hudson Spire ir Spiral, this is Hudson Yards District bounded so far with 555 Tenth Avenue Residential tower, 610 feet, and with 53 floors. Hudson Yards District spread to the North up to Hell Kitchen on 9th Avenue, these 12 stories towers there between 35 and 38 th street belong to that District too. But for Related/Oxford Hudson Yards biggest in US history private development, North boundaries are still on West 34th Street. Divided by Phase 1 East Yard platform, and Phase 2 West Yard platform, total 26,5 acres of construction!!!

  10. Made a mistake, 3 Hudson Boulevard. It’s a beginning of Hudson Yards District, mostly residential and hotels, and except 3 Hudson and Spiral, the rest won’t be exceed 38 floors for most of buildings. And only 12-18 floors between 10th and 9th Avenues. Except 29 story Hotel under construction on the corner of West 34. This because of sloppy hillside and to provide a dominant views from Hudson river to Midtown Skyline on the crest of the Hill.

  11. Btw if you go from 10th Avenue to 9th the hills go slightly down for Tunnel exit and entrance to the West 34, then gradually up to the 9th Avenue. This is where several 12 stories buildings now under construction, for privide also transition from Skyscrapers to low rise historical Hell Kitchen neighborhood.

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