251 West 14th Street Resumes Cantilevering Construction Work In Chelsea, Manhattan

251 West 14th Street. Designed by HTO Architect. Rendering by Pizzarotti Group

A walk through the Midtown, Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea revealed a surprising observation at the site of 251 West 14th Street. Construction on the once-stalled reinforced concrete edifice now appears partially topped-out, due to the ascendance of the steel that makes up the final upper cantilevering levels of the ground-up 11-story residential project. Designed by Isay Weinfield and FORM4 Design Studio PLLC, there will be a total of 25 condominiums. YIMBY last reported that Pizzarotti is in charge of the build, which is located along West 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The lower half of the building now has large white plastic sheets covering the once exposed levels, and orange netting facing West 14th Street. On the eighth floor, which sits below the main setback, are portions of the formerly half-finished concrete floor slabs, party walls, and central perimeter column, which are now surrounded by wooden railings, black netting and metal supports holding the ceiling. This portion of 251 West 14th Street was the uppermost point built when YIMBY stopped by the edifice last October, and we are glad to see activity finally pick up where crews left off.

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

251 West 14th Street. Photo by Michael Young

From here the superstructure pushes back from the street and goes from a concrete to the start of the three-story rectangular steel assembly. The western half cantilevers over the adjacent neighbor. Sections of metal decking have already been laid down as construction workers are putting together the final set of floors.

Meanwhile, the main core of the structure on the opposite eastern end awaits full formation. The outline of tied rebar that vertically stick upwards from the last poured section of concrete can still be seen. It appears this component will rise above the flat roof parapet of the steel cantilever to become an extended mechanical section, and provide future inhabitants access to a landscaped rooftop deck, as depicted in the main rendering. Only time will tell if the light and dark exterior facade materials of choice, appearing to resemble stone and metal panels, are going to be put up.

A revised completion date has not been disclosed, though YIMBY predicts sometime towards the very end of 2021 or the early months of 2022 as a possible time frame.

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11 Comments on "251 West 14th Street Resumes Cantilevering Construction Work In Chelsea, Manhattan"

  1. The area is Chelsea very close to Greenwich Village not Midtown which is more than a half mile north of this location.
    We are happy construction has resumed as the area needs to come back to life with the closing of the KBG Museum next door and the loss of the Associated Supermarket due to landlord greed in the building under the cantilever to the west.

  2. A dynamic and attractive building that also actually fits the context of the neighborhood – well done

  3. I’m happy to see it resume construction. But, I’m still a little skeptical of this design.

  4. Cantilevers like that are a war crime. I don’t mind cantilevers and in some cases they look great but this is horrible.

    The rest of the building I think looks great.

  5. Amarilis Nieves | January 22, 2021 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    Please would like to know were I could get applications for apartments in New York city.

  6. The cantilever that this development is spending so much money on is cantilevering over some seriously godawfulness that we likely now be stuck with for decades to come. Thanks assholes.

  7. Angel's Body (David). | January 23, 2021 at 3:51 am | Reply

    Success is near, you don’t have to worry about the American design standards being unattractive: Thanks to New York YIMBY.

  8. Midtown and Chelsea are individually distinct areas of Manhattan. Their borders do not cross and several neighborhoods are between them.

    • Incorrect, Midtown is both a neighborhood and a subsection of neighborhoods in Manhattan, of of which is Chelsea.

  9. Looks outstanding, may I please have an application for a two bedroom
    Thank you.

  10. Please send me an application for a two-bedroom affordable apartment by email

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