Façade Installation Underway at 140 West 24th Street in Chelsea

140 West 24th Street. Designed by Gene Kaufman

Façade installation is rapidly moving along at 140 West 24th Street, a topped-out, 416-foot-tall hotel tower in Chelsea. Designed by Gene Kaufman Architect and developed by Sam Chang, the 45-story reinforced concrete structure will yield 142,949 square feet. Omnibuild is in charge of the construction process on the project, which is located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.

Most of the progress is occurring on the blank eastern and western party walls, which are being quickly clad in light colored paneling. The photographs below from late September showed the recent activity on the structure, when workers were just about halfway up the window-less sides of the slim and uniform edifice.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

On the main northern elevation, framework for the final exterior assembly of metal panels surrounds the windows. This is composed of a grid of tightly spaced windows that run up nearly the entire height of the hotel address. Above are setbacks that give way to an extended mechanical section, topped by two wooden water towers.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The hotel’s location among a predominantly mid-rise area makes it stand out prominently and will provide guests with panoramic views of the skyline.

140 West 24th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The property will contain 508 hotel rooms, a ground-floor main lobby, a dining area, and kitchens within the cellar and first floors. The closest subways are the F, M, and PATH trains at the 23rd Street station on Sixth Avenue and the 1 train on at the 23rd Street station on Seventh Avenue.

No official completion date has been announced for 140 West 24th Street, but construction will likely wrap up by next year.

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21 Comments on "Façade Installation Underway at 140 West 24th Street in Chelsea"

  1. A soulless setback afterthought as usual.

  2. Kaufman has done worse, but this is still pretty bad.

  3. The top rendering here in this article looks more like it’s somewhere on the midwest prarie than on 24th street in NYC..almost funny.

  4. I’m pro development- but not for this awful trash. The architect and developer should be ashamed

  5. Another Gene Kaufman blight. Soulless.

  6. Another example of “Kaufmanism”…

    More brutal than “Brutalism”! ?

  7. Another “House of Detention” for those awaiting appearances in Criminal Court.

  8. Agree with other comments that this is a bland, soulless, almost aggressively unattractive block of imaginationless cement. This and the matching one across the street will give half the rooms a tight, sky-less view of the other building (mmm how romantic) and has completely obliterated view of sky and Empire State Building from a whole swath of mid-rise buildings in Chelsea.

    In all there are too many massive blocky hotels going up in Chelsea in the 20’s between 6th and 8th Avenues. Yuck. Really out of scale with the neighborhood and a shame that such unfortunate designs were allowed to be built.

  9. Such talent
    Looks better without facade

  10. I can see that POS from my window. I used to able to see the ESB from 7th Avenue. Blandchitecture at its worst.

  11. Gene: please, just stop. You are a terrible awful no good architect. Retire, and do new yorker cover puzzles, or take up macrame. But please stop destroying the city!!

  12. Developer to architect: give me the cheapest, most mundane facade that you can come up with.

  13. Just what we need in Chelsea. Another hotel with no tourists. Give it to the homeless!

  14. My god!

  15. Kaufman & Chang continue to blight the city. Literally. Their hotels are now used as ‘temporary’ homeless shelters throughout the garment district. Guess how well thats working out for residents and surrounding businesses…

  16. Dead on arrival. Maybe they will turn it into a prison or a homeless shelter

  17. See this thing out of my window at work; best part of it are the water towers on the top, they look okay.

    Please stop it Gene.. your place in architecture hell is secured, you can stop now.

  18. I think we all agree: Gene Kaufman is THE WORST architect alive and working today in New York City. Wow.

  19. I absolutely love his timing and simplicity. This is exactly befitting of the times we live in . Not to add that this building can be reused in more than 25 different ways. I hope you make your profit mr. Kaufman. Because it is well deserved. I did a painting of the construction.

  20. Dont worry mr. Kaufman. All these comments are made by pretentious snobs. Their world is falling apart in nyc. Dont worry the upstate indigenous people like me will put them in hell when they try to escape up here. We do it with ease. Righteously. Your always welcome in my company.

  21. Michael D. Skelly | October 7, 2020 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    Another Hotel, My, MY, The City Is Going Hotel Crazy, And Some Cheap Looking Ones At That, Again Good Luck You Will Need It……

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