Marriott SpringHill Begins Rapid Ascent at 223 West 46th Street in Times Square

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Construction rising quickly at 223 West 46th Street, a 34-story Marriott SpringHill hotel in Times Square. Designed by Gene Kaufman Architects and developed by McSam Hotel Group, the tower will yield 70,000 square feet and 200 rooms.

Recent photos show the degree of progress that has occurred since our last update in early June, when the building’s foundations were just reaching street level. The reinforced concrete superstructure’s wooden form work continues to ascend with every completed set of floor slabs, columns, and walls. Installation of the curtain wall, which appears to feature a typical Gene Kaufman aesthetic of metal panels and large glass windows, has yet to commence. Overall, the building’s symmetrical and straightforward massing should enable vertical progress to continue at its rapid pace.

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Michael Young

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Michael Young

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Michael Young

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Hotel guest amenities will include a garden-level fitness center, a ground-floor restaurant with outdoor seating, and a rear yard. Having an estimated planned height of over 300 feet tall would make this a modest addition to the Times Square Theatre District when compared to other more massive structures like the 1,966-room New York Marriott Marquis at 1535 Broadway, located directly across that street. Nonetheless, the addition represents a welcome renewal of the hospitality offerings at the crossroads of the world.

A completion date for 223 West 46th Street has not been announced, though sometime in late 2021 is possible.

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12 Comments on "Marriott SpringHill Begins Rapid Ascent at 223 West 46th Street in Times Square"

  1. No! Not Gene Kaufman!

  2. Thoughtless trash. Is the city waiting until nearly every blocks streetwall is wrecked by these artless setback towers before they address the misguided setback building code????

  3. “…appears to feature a typical Gene Kaufman aesthetic ”

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Someone take Kaufman’s license away. He’s just miserable.

  4. Guess, since this is in the Broadway area, Mr. Kaufman is producing a “play” without any vision, direction or originally?

    Would be nice to see it close after opening night! ?

  5. Yet another ugly building. It looks like absolutely no thought went into designing that thing.

  6. If you presented anything like this, even as an under-graduate student, you would have been laughed out of the crit. How could this happen…how?

  7. Depressing garbage; adds nothing to the neighborhood, only takes away, a symbol to the greed of man and our inevitable self induced extinction.

  8. Yet another abomination by this Gene Kaufman guy. His buildings really suck and they all seem to have this drab 1960’s communist Soviet Union look. Jeez man it’s like there is absolutely no effort put into the design of the buildings he simply recycles the same style from his other abominations. NYC deserves better than this. The city should stop approving his hideous projects.

  9. Aesthetics aside, the concrete quality leaves something to be desired. One can only hope that the cladding will satisfactorily cover it up.

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