Renderings Revealed of 1499 Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Rendering of 1499 Bedford Avenue - The J AssociatesRendering of 1499 Bedford Avenue - The J Associates

Architectural renderings from The J Associates reveal a ten-story building in the works at 1499 Bedford Avenue, located near the border of Crown Heights and Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The ground-up residential structure will comprise just under 160,000 buildable square feet.

The residential component will occupy 66,528 square feet and will be divided among 98 rental units. Considering those dimensions, each apartment will average around 679 square feet. While it is unclear if 1499 Bedford Avenue will contain any amenities, permits submitted to the Department of Buildings specify an enclosed parking structure designed to accommodate 49 vehicles.

As depicted in the rendering, the ground floor is enclosed in dark brick with floor-to-ceiling glass and modest uplight fixtures. Above, the main bulk of the massing is clad in what appears to be white or light tan brick, and features stacked balconies at the corner. Two protruding eight-story sections on southern and eastern elevations feature red brick curtain walls and grids of larger, square windows, as well as additional stacked balconies. These wings also incorporate stepped and angled elements, adding a further degree of contrast to the overall appearance.

Located at the corner of Bedford Avenue and St. Johns Place, the property is two city blocks from the Franklin Avenue subway station, serviced by the 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains.

In addition to The J Associates, the project team also includes CW Realty, owner and developer of the property, and MHM Engineering. At this phase of development, a project timeline has not yet been revealed.

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10 Comments on "Renderings Revealed of 1499 Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn"

  1. David : Sent From Heaven. | August 22, 2020 at 8:08 am | Reply

    Beautiful materials cover the property, as good as another on street level: Thank you.

  2. David in Bushwick | August 22, 2020 at 8:17 am | Reply

    The rendering accurately shows nobody on the balconies, but it doesn’t show all the junk that will get stored on them.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, this building does not look bad at all. However, it is not the most exciting and most interesting design I’ve seen. Very boring and kind of mediocre to me.

  4. It’s wonderful that all these nice buildings are going up all over Brooklyn but truth be told I for one cannot afford the 2k plus that they cost. I am quite sure that I am not the only one that have these concerns. Where’s the affordability in these apartments? God forbid if like myself you’re single and older. Heaven help us.

    • If you want more affordable housing, please move out of NYC. Don’t make the rest of us subsidize your lifestyle.

      • @Madealive – for those of us that are born and raised here, we deserve affordable housing. The answer isn’t to send ppl out of NYC – its to provide a home we can afford without going bankrupt.

      • Affordability is a serious concern, especially in neighborhoods like Crown Heights. The residents who have made it a nice place to live want to be able to stay, and when landlords see nearby buildings like this, they start harassing and abusing their tenants in the hopes that they can bring in richer people. Don’t dismiss the affordability question just because you’re not the one who’s at risk today; it might be you next.

  5. I hope this won’t be another condo apartment building. Crown Heights already has such buildings (including 111 Montgomery St and 12 Crown St, which existed as a rental building and converted to condos). Me and my neighbors desire truly affordable housing. Absolutely NO NONSENSE!

  6. I used to live on new york ave in Crowns Heights and for a long time and it was nice place but now its a rich place to live and the problem is when a neighborhood becomes nice then the upper class moving in and demand and supply change the cost of living… like snapper fish has a very high demand so only few can afford it so they buy the not so good fish somestimes inferrior quality which leaves out the poor people …. we as black people have to try to go to college and get better job to be able to live in nice place too…its just reality… when investors build beautiful luxury building they want return on their investment”””””” then when too many poor people crime is high…hanging out… wearing saggy clothes..smoking and drinking then drugs selling to pay rent and prostitution becomes normal…the system is not for minority or poor people especially republican wants it that way… stay poor is not the answer… keep our city clean so these people dont move in and take over

  7. The entirety of the blocks between St. Johns and Eastern Parkway (on this side of the street) will be luxury housing.

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