159 Broadway’s Foundation Nears Completion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

159 Broadway. Designed by Stonehill &l Taylor Architects

Foundation work is nearing completion at 159 Broadway, a 26-story mixed-use residential project in WilliamsburgBrooklyn. Designed by Stonehill Taylor and developed by Cornell Realty Management LLC, the 133,340-square-foot project is located across the street from Peter Luger Steakhouse and directly abuts the 145-year-old landmarked Williamsburgh Savings Bank. The superstructure will top out at 277 feet tall and become one of the tallest buildings in the inland section of Williamsburg.

Recent photos show the reinforced concrete foundation slab poured and complete. There are a number of inner core walls and columns within the footing that are semi finished. Steel rebar can be seen protruding throughout the site, awaiting the future concrete formwork assembly and subsequent pouring. The perimeter walls also seem to be moving along in step with the rest of the progress. At this rate, it shouldn’t be long before the foundations reach street level.

159 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

159 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

159 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

159 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

159 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

The lower portion of 159 Broadway will be occupied by a 251-room hotel, while the upper half will house 21 condominiums, with some featuring long private balconies on the southern elevation. It’s unclear if the same envelope design on the northern elevation facing the Williamsburg Bridge will be repeated on the opposite side. Nonetheless, the rendering depicts an exterior contrast of a light-colored masonry envelope surrounding an orderly grid of rectangular windows, while above is a simpler reflective glass curtain wall. The slender western elevation has a slightly cantilevering, U-shaped wraparound balcony at the dividing line between the two sections. This terrace will provide clear views of the Manhattan skyline, the rising master plan for Domino Park, and the Williamsburg Bridge.

129 Broadway’s completion date is slated for the fall of 2021, as noted on the construction fence signage.

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8 Comments on "159 Broadway’s Foundation Nears Completion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

  1. David in Bushwick | July 26, 2020 at 9:24 am | Reply

    This unfortunate freak show design only makes the adjacent Williamsburg Saving Bank that much more beautiful. But what a shame to do it this way.

  2. 159 Broadway – What a disastrous monstrosity. Can anyone prove me wrong? ?

  3. Well, I guess every city has to have one obligatorily hideous building.

  4. What an unfortunate piece of design chap!
    The architect does not understand anything about good design and proportion.
    Even Gene Kaufman can do better!
    LPC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this monster next to an historic landmark bldg.

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