Renderings Revealed for World’s Highest Residential Club in Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower, rendering courtesy of Extell

Extell has revealed renderings of the Central Park Tower’s 100th floor residential club. Perched over 1,000 feet above Billionaires’ Row, this will be the highest residential lounge in the world. The club will span 8,300 square feet and include a private ballroom, a dining room, a bar, a full-service kitchen, and a wine and cigar lounge. The 1,550-foot-tall skyscraper, which is also addressed 217 West 57th Street, is designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and will contain 179 residences, on which Extell is expecting a $4 billion sellout. The 100th floor club is designed by Rottet Studio, which also designed the residential interiors.

100th Floor Ballroom. Rendering by Extell

100th Floor Cigar Lounge. Rendering by Extell

100th Floor Dining Room. Rendering by Extell

Central Park Tower. Rendering by Extell

The Central Park Tower’s amenities will be managed by a lifestyle specialist that has yet to be named. Additional amenities located from the 14th to 16th floors include an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and cabanas, a private screening room, a residential lounge, a children’s playground, a full floor of spa amenities with a fitness center.

Meanwhile, the crown’s glass cladding is finally beginning to take shape. The thin vertical slots in the envelope can be spotted on the western elevation. Work on this final exterior section should wrap up by the middle of the year.

Central Park Tower from Columbus Circle, photo by Michael Young

Central Park Tower, photo by Michael Young

Central Park Tower is slated to be finished by the end of the year.

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24 Comments on "Renderings Revealed for World’s Highest Residential Club in Central Park Tower"

  1. David in Bushwick | January 27, 2020 at 10:31 am | Reply

    That cigar lounge rendering says it all…

  2. Although I don’t live in NY anymore, I’m still a NYer. Although obscene international wealth with shadow companies are probably buying the building out, it doesn’t matter because: (1) few of them will physcially be in NY, such that their real estate taxes – whatever they are – will benefit the City as a whole; (2) the number of tenants, guests and service people will be relatively few for the City; (3) alot of work for construction workers, whose personal injury cases I handled; and (4) the body politic as a whole supports economic and social policies that are against their own interests, as much as I am personally against them. From a lawyer and Queens College grad, when there was no tuition.

  3. Yes, it’s very obvious.


    Where the “rich white only”
    meet to eat!

  4. Confused in St Louis | January 27, 2020 at 12:03 pm | Reply

    Ballroom on 100th floor? Note to self: Don’t buy on 99th floor.

  5. I have it on good authority that this exclusive club will have a unique feature for its oh-so-exclusive members.
    All urinals will empty out directly outwards from the building
    – onto the poor peons passing by, far far below.
    How ingenious!
    It will be both a symbolic and a concrete reminder of what the ultra-rich arrogantly
    do to the rest of us every single day in every single way in this warped economy.
    Trickle down economics indeed!

  6. Pretty awesome. And to those who bash the rich. They might of been poor to middle class at one time but they went for it

  7. Awesome! Now New York City needs to go taller. 1600, 1700, and 1800 feet to the roof.

    • Well agreed! Because it’s now looking like we’re having a new “plateau” in the making,at 1,400-1,500′. Which isn’t bad, but much-taller would be better. Especially in lower Manhattan.

  8. and cue the negative jealous comments!

  9. The best floor at Central Park (for years and years but maybe now things have changed by 30 fee or so…..) …….
    THE ARCHITECTS FLOOR on Central Park is Floor 10.
    Above the street and on top of the trees….. but always nice to see the tops of the towers on Fifth and CPW.

  10. Don’t you love how irate the pseudo-Marxists and racists get when seeing a nice building like this? Just read the responses here. They hardly can contain themselves. Sorry, both Marx and Lenin–two rich “white” kids, would have been at the club, smoking cigars and talking “revolution” with the fellow bourgeois boys–as they did in Vienna and London for most of their lives. Lets concentrate on the architecture, PLEASE, and not facile political and racial things.

  11. This is the non-architecture of intrusion, violence to the skyline, seizure of the public skydome for auction to the wealthiest. There is no architecture here.

  12. All the haters here can close their eyes… Just like I close my eyes when I read all the leftwing garbage posted here.

  13. All architecture is social commentary & wealth has always propelled both forward. The club will no doubt be awesome and the views extraordinary. However the building’s exterior is bland and hideous and regrettably so prominent. If the Nordstrom’s facade extended all the way to the top then it would be at least interesting providing a wavy reflection on the skyline. That cantilever is horrifying both visually and structurally.

  14. Simply terrible architecture. Called “lollipops” in the industry, I have yet to hear one professional architect so anything positive about the aesthetic impact on NYC’s iconic skyline.

  15. If you can buy it, it’s not exclusive

  16. Another rather bland and boring hypodermic needle piercing the skyline of NYC. If you must build this high at LEAST make it a little more interesting to the eye, like they do in Dubai.

    • IMP Dubai’s buildings are rather ugly. And totally unnecessary, as they have lots of easy flat land that spreads out. No need to go vertical.

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