The Community Builders to Construct 226,000-Square-Foot Development in Far Rockaway, Queens

Rendering of Beach 21st Street - Urban Architectural InitiativesRendering of Beach 21st Street - Urban Architectural Initiatives

The Beach 21st Street project, a 226,000-square-foot mixed-use building, will soon break ground as part of the city’s Downtown Far Rockaway Rezoning and Roadmap for Action. The long-running initiative was conceived by Mayor Bill de Blasio to encourage new retail, housing, and investment opportunities in southeastern Queens.

Led by non-profit real estate developer The Community Builders, Beach 21st Street will create 224 rent-restricted affordable apartments. Residents will have access to a fitness room with a kid-friendly area, a rooftop walking track with ocean views, on-site laundry, and a community room with access to a landscaped rooftop terrace above the second floor. An on-site parking lot will accommodate approximately 90 resident-only vehicles.

According to Urban Architectural Initiatives, the architects behind Beach 21st Street, the ground floor of the building is designed to activate a newly constructed public plaza immediately adjacent to the project site with a mix of retail and dining destinations. Those additional components include 24,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial area and 8,000 square feet of community facilities. The latter is expected to include a 6,300-square-foot daycare and early childhood center with a private outdoor play area, and a 1,000-square-foot vocational training center.

The project team has not yet confirmed a construction timeline.

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8 Comments on "The Community Builders to Construct 226,000-Square-Foot Development in Far Rockaway, Queens"

  1. I would love to move here..

  2. Another dumping ground for homeless & very low income. It’s all dumped in Rockaway thanks to these criminal politicians. They lie so much & promise you the moon. Then deliver the worst possible community. It’s such a swamp

    • Then vote out democrats!!!
      Also, I guess there will be no homeless, but if is all low income workers are being criminals???
      Your bigotry is outstanding against working poors, and are you continuing vote for Democrats??? Stop this nonsense. Many working poors are US Citizens, not mixed up Naturalized people with illegal border crosses!!! And vote for KAG 2020!!!

      • democrat turned republican | March 9, 2020 at 1:30 pm | Reply

        Copy that

        • The new construction in Far
          Rockaway,appears to be targeting low income exclusively.
          Housing needs a more robust mix of income levels. Agree that the City is using the Rockaways as a target for low income issues and domain…unfairly.

  3. I’d like more info on investing in this property

  4. Looks beautiful only if you’re not familiar with downtown Far Rockaway. The one main street that goes through the area, Mott Avenue, is not wide enough to handle today’s traffic and is already impossibly congested. Likewise, the sidewalks can’t handle the number of pedestrians today. And 90 parking spaces for hundreds of apartments? The residents of affordable housing in Far Rockaway now, in many cases, have a family member with a car that fights for the limited street parking. This is just one of several large apartment buildings going up here. The population of the neighborhood will double or triple, and the streets just aren’t enough to handle it. There is no solution without knocking down rows of buildings to widen the sidewalks and streets, and that’s not likely to happen.

  5. If this is not market rate they are wasting their time .Only market rate will bring much needed commerce into the area .You need Whole Foods ,Art Galleries & places to dine & not 50 hair braiding stores & barbers .I blame the wealthy community in eastern Far Rockaway & the Five Towns for not demanding market rate as they will suffer the most if this is all homeless & affordable & the chances of this being a fully integrated area will be over .Just as those hotels in Far Rockaway are a disgusting homeless shelter so will these apartments & if you don’t believe me read the reviews .Money grubbing landlords who only care about a profit will be the only ones making out .Those people on the board who are all for this type of housing would never live there themselves .This will be the demise of the area if its going to be all affordable (code word for welfare /homeless ).

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