Pilings and Excavation Begin at 37 Sixth Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The updated rendering for 37 Sixth Avenue. Designed by Marvel Architects

Three piling machines and two excavators have been set up at 37 Sixth Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The upcoming 343,788-square-foot, mixed-use building will rise 26 stories and bring 323 rental units to the neighborhood. The property sits at the corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue and is directly to the east of Barclays Center. Marvel Architects is the designer and the Brodsky Organization is the developer. An updated rendering was also posted on the construction fence. The project is alternately addressed 495 Dean Street and 664 Pacific Street.

Work at 37 Sixth Avenue begins. Photo by Tectonic

The new design includes subtle tweaks to the elevations above the podium floors. The window arrangements are more neatly organized and aligned than in the first iteration from three years ago. The outside colors of the building have also been slightly adjusted to distinguish and divide each section of the structure’s massing as multiple indented and protruding volumes. There will be a 616-seat, 69,858-square-foot public middle school that will span the first five floors and two below-grade levels. Amenities will include a gym, indoor and outdoor residential lounges, and a children’s playroom.

This structure is one of multiple buildings in the Pacific Park mega-development.

A formal completion date for 37 Sixth Avenue has not yet been announced.

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8 Comments on "Pilings and Excavation Begin at 37 Sixth Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn"

  1. Jack Liberman | April 6, 2019 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Once known as Atlantic Yards, Pacific Park is almost it’s failing attempts of this “mega project”, and if not Barclays Center built in midst of Great Recession in 2011-2012, nothing is here special, and 32 story Modular Tower claimed as tallest modular tower in the World, what’s I guess wrong. The Rest of project is separate lots, nothing connected between them if not being called as Pacific Park, nothing to built as planned 16 Skycrapers, only one if you call 32 story modular tower as a “skyscraper”. And it’s takes 3-4 years building that, finished just in 2017!!! Whole City Point was built in that period with megamall two residential towers, and full dozen or more buildings in surroundings. And not only height was reduced for remaining buildings, but built in phases, Phase 1 included only 5 or 6 buildings, and finished only 4 so far including Modular Tower. Planned Project Tallest one appears on the move now, will cap at 510′ feet and about 45 stories perhaps, maybe in 2020-21, 10 years in making!!! Plan for 700′-800′ tower in place of PC Richard were road blocked by PC Richard owners lawsuit. Now separate buildings not even connected between are called as part of Pacific Park, and where is a “park” itself??? Who btw almost killed this “mega project”, NYIMBYism is a right answer. And even Barclays Center come to fruition with 200 million investment by “from Russia with love” oligarch(business tycoon) Prochorov, who was close friend to Mr Putin. This center may even honored that name, if not last minute naming rights buying from Barclays who paid $50,000,000 for this!!! At least we are not seen here “Putin center”, as I’m so pleased!!!

  2. Jack Liberman | April 6, 2019 at 9:56 am | Reply

    Btw this new 26 story high rise, looks too boxy for me, should be modular and more colorful like Dean Street modular tower. The whole Atlantic Yards was originally designed for being modular. It was scrapped in time of Great Recession, only modified design for Sports arena was built and that only one modular 32 story tower on Dean Street. Barclays Center scrapped previous deconstructivist design to ultra modern futurist building, but the rest of project was built with reinforced concrete with brick facade or simular materials, losing share of being really bright and colorful project.
    This building is perfect example, and design remind me earlier 12 story towers constructed on intersections along 4th Avenue in Park Slope and Sunset Park. Only being 17-26 stories with two setbacks, as opposite to only one on 4th Avenue. This should be much better design for remaining construction in Pacific Park!!!

    • elliot reisman | April 6, 2019 at 6:12 pm | Reply

      everything got scrapped, including the housing guaranteed to the displaced tenants of that area forced out

  3. elliot reisman | April 6, 2019 at 6:09 pm | Reply

    I lived in this area from 1970 till 2006 and was forced out I remember how seedy it was in those days . Where P.C. Richards is today , there were 5 story brownstone fronted buildings , that looked just like midtown manhattan . There were bars there that catered to barflies and ladies of the night.The paddy wagon would come at 1 am. and take everyone to the hoosegow,AKA Police station I bought a row house on dean st. in 1975 that had been a house of ill repute, and sold it 2 years later for $ 27 k =a small profit .so today, 1mil isn’t enough to buy it.

    • Jack Liberman | April 7, 2019 at 11:44 am | Reply

      Yeah, they promised rosy project who may feel immediately out of place, original design was huge but completely out of place, buildings aka 8 Spruce Tower at lower scale but massive in floorplans, in size, including so called Miss Brooklyn, everything without straight forms, without functions, out of place, belongs maybe to New Haven or Trenton, but not to NYC. It was completely scrapped, and nothing was built. Great Recession ended that madness, but replaced it with really bland artificial project, in smaller scale, dominant and centered for New Arena, Barclays Center, Modular Tower, and Planned Huge Skycraper on lot behind arena on Atlantic, the rest was downsized, heights, number of floors, and new plan phase this for much longer period, now between 2025 and 2035 and even beyond, for completion of whole project of 16 highrise buildings. Instead of ultra de-constructivist
      Neo Futurist design, more adaptive for New York City design came, with slightly element of de-constructivist truemadness what was so popular in beginning of New Millennium. Now what we built so far, Barclays Center, huge futuristic spaceship like building housing Multi-Sport and Cultural Arena, a nice addition btw, 32 story, modular tower, another residential tower of 23 floors, 17 story condo tower and 19 story affordable rentals. All built from 2013 to 2017, in 2018 whole project was stalled again, now plans to start construction huge Skyscraper over 500 feet height and this 26 story, both with no completion date. Perhaps by 2022-2025. Then perhaps by 2035 another 8-10 buildings.
      Original plans for Atlantic yards were exist even earlier than plans for Hudson Yards, like from 2002. The difference, Hudson Yards built either over halfway deserted neighborhood of warehouses or on built out platforms over tracks of LIRR daytime storage. Here, in Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, developers dealt with existing well housing, their tenants, living not dead neighborhood who was not so needed to be replaced with such mediocre project like Pacific Park. Thank God, they scrapped mad de-constructivist destruction of this part of Brooklyn, but replacing it with such plastered mediocre design, what won’t worthy any older structure they’re destroyed, except the single block where now Barclays Center and Modular Tower stands!!!

    • Jack Liberman | April 7, 2019 at 12:20 pm | Reply

      The Lot of PC Richard’s is where they plan destructive offensive design for Miss Brooklyn over 600′, now they plan different mixed used tower at 800′, but this already have road block by PC Richard’s store owners.
      So, beautiful 5 story was replaced years ago for nothing but single story Atlantic Center “extension” for PC Richards and Model’s stores.

  4. thomas ackerson | April 7, 2019 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    Boring, boring, dull,,so uninspired. Only in Ny.Sad.

  5. is the Twilight Zone of comment sections?

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