Robert A.M. Stern’s 250 West 81st Street Gets Full Rendering, Making Quick Headway, Upper West Side

250 West 81st Street, by Williams New York250 West 81st Street, by Williams New York

Earlier this fall, YIMBY checked in on the Robert A.M. Stern Architects-designed 250 West 81st Street as it was just climbing above street level, at West 81st Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side. New renderings for the project have since appeared, giving a substantially better view of what the classically-minded new development will look like, and the pace of construction has also picked up, as per the latest photos from Chused.

250 West 81st Street, by Chused

250 West 81st Street this week, photo by Chused

Alchemy Properties and The Carlyle Group are the developers behind the project, which will eventually stand 18 floors and 209 feet to its rooftop. Within the next week or two, the building should reach the half-way point in its rise, and with progress already beginning to tower over Zabar’s on the block’s southern side, the building has been flying upwards at over a floor per week since rising above ground.

250 West 81st Street, by Chused

250 West 81st Street as of 40 days ago, photo by Chused

The project’s 31 condominiums will span 83,600 square feet of residential space, averaging a whopping 2,700 square feet apiece. There will be another 16,000 square feet of commercial-retail space between the cellar, ground, and second floors, further activating a block already greatly enlivened by the presence of Zabar’s.

The cellar of the project will also have space for 32 bicycles, tenant storage, a laundry room, music room, children’s playroom, and basketball court, rounding out the impressively-sized condominiums with a substantial roster of included amenities.

250 West 81st Street, by Williams New York

250 West 81st Street, by Williams New York

Completion is expected by 2019, and with the current pace of construction, topping-out should occur within the next two to three months.

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11 Comments on "Robert A.M. Stern’s 250 West 81st Street Gets Full Rendering, Making Quick Headway, Upper West Side"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | November 17, 2017 at 8:13 am | Reply

    Developer: How about beehive on facade?

  2. those two entrances next to each other are confusing

  3. The sun does not actually shine on the side of the building facing north. The building should have a garage for the tenants,since there is little garage space in the neighborhood. Otherwise, it is,indeed, a beautiful building.

  4. Another RAMS quality development. Not every project has to be a supertall or near-supertall.

  5. Will there be a subway entrance to the 79th st. Number 1?

  6. No to the parking garage comment above. Driving should be discouraged in parts of the city with easy access to subways.

  7. Garages are to keep cars off the streets when not in use.

  8. While you possibly have a chance. Change the plan. Much of the store space in this neighborhood is becoming empty. The new building on 80th Street and B’way has four floors of new store space. What the financial class of people who will live at 250 have is cars to use on weekends. There is a shortage of garage space in the neighborhood. What they would want is available garage space in the building they live in, which, of course, they would pay for. Make the change while you still can !

  9. Only zillionaires can afford the 3000 sq ft condos promoted here. A too far cry from West Side story, an imbalance. Too bad, this architect used to champion neighborhood preservation, but with this monument to super luxury he’s becoming more of an instrument of neighborhood exclusion. He’s opposed many others’ projects he perceives to be out of character with its neighbors. Is area character only skin deep, Robert? Looks great on the outside but spoiled within.

  10. Agreed with regards to having garage space. Most people buying these apartments have 2nd homes and it would be a huge selling point. Retail is dead and the trend is not looking good especially on Broadway.

  11. It’s not profitable for the developer to add a garage, they would rather have retail space. The south side of this building will have lot windows, and eventually someone will redevelop the zabar space. This will affect the multi-million dollar penthouse. That needs to be taken into consideration when buying the 18th floor penthouse. I prefer buildings facing south side and receive plenty of sunlight. Buyers are more aware these days, and the developers will learn that when the sales begin. I’m on the market for a penthouse on the uws, but not considering this space.

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