Five-Story, 15-Unit Mixed-Use Building Filed At 8 Fairview Place, Flatbush

8 Fairview PlacePre-demolition 8 Fairview Place

Samuel Karpf, operating under an LLC, has filed applications for a five-story, 15-unit mixed-use building at 8 Fairview Place, in northern Flatbush, right around the corner from the Church Avenue stop on the 2 and 5 trains. The building will measure 22,138 square feet, and 4,549 and 480 square feet of retail and health care facilities, respectively, will be located on the ground floor. On the floors above, units will average 1,141 square feet apiece. Brooklyn-based Bricolage Designs is the architect of record. Before construction begins, two existing 2.5-story homes must be demolished.

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3 Comments on "Five-Story, 15-Unit Mixed-Use Building Filed At 8 Fairview Place, Flatbush"

  1. ex-brooklynite | October 9, 2015 at 3:25 pm |

    Don’t you just love the bars enclosing the porch of the red house! Another building for sucker transplants who don’t know what a ghetto Flatbush is. And retail too?

  2. Dear ex-brooklynite. Thank you for leaving. Please stay the hell out of Brooklyn

  3. Agreed. Ex-brooklynite. The area and my neighbors as I bought a house on that block 2 years ago are the most endearing people I have ever met. They are from Panama, Guyana, Haiti, Trinidad, Tobago,etc and are middle class with decent education levels. The area is full of people who have raised their families there for the past 30 yrs, so it is neighborhoody, not ghetto. Also, these 2 houses were the first originals in the area before anything else was built around 1888. Let’s not forget that the area was also Jewish and Italian before the West Indies people moved in. So who really put those bars on? How do you feel about Park Slope or the West Village where the houses have bars on the window/doors for stylistic reasons?? Perhaps you just meant to say that black people live there? Go ahead, say it. Besides, you probably could not afford to move back to Brooklyn, so stay where you are.

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