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46-36 Bowne Street

Twin Two-Story, Two-Family Houses Coming to 46-36 Bowne Street, East Flushing

Property owner Lingyi Hsia has filed applications for two two-story, two-family houses at 46-36 – 46-38 Bowne Street, in East Flushing. Each will measure 3,119 square feet and their full-floor residential units should average a family-sized 1,040 square feet apiece. Across both houses, there will be four off-street parking spaces, two of which will be enclosed in separate 300-square-foot garages. Xiaohong Zhao’s Queens-based Ameriland Brook is the applicant of record. The 62-foot-wide, 5,938-square-foot lot is currently occupied by a two-story house. Demolition permits were filed in June.

162-17 46th Avenue

Two-Story, Three-Unit Mixed-Use Building Coming to 162-17 46th Avenue, East Flushing

Flushing-based property owner Tar Wook Chang, doing business as an anonymous LLC, has filed applications for a two-story, three-unit mixed-use building at 162-17 46th Avenue, in East Flushing. The structure will measure 10,824 square feet. It will contain 3,150 square feet of office space on the ground floor, followed by three residential units on the second floor. The apartments should average 1,050 square feet apiece, indicative of family-sized configurations. There will also be a billiard parlor in the cellar level, storage space, and three off-street parking spots. Iljoong Kim’s Flushing-based Choi Design is the architect of record. The 6,000-square-foot site, located on the corner of 163rd Street, is currently occupied by a two-and-a-half-story wood-framed structure. The Long Island Rail Road’s Broadway station is located five blocks to the north.

43-12 Parsons Boulevard

Twin Two-Story, Two-Family Houses Coming To 43-12 Parsons Boulevard, East Flushing

Flushing-based property owner Frank Cerrone has filed applications for two two-story, two-family houses at 43-10 – 43-12 Parsons Boulevard, in East Flushing, located eight blocks from the Long Island Rail Road’s Murray Hill station. The buildings will measure 3,480 and 3,585 square feet each, respective to the order they are listed above. Across both buildings, there will be 4,402 square feet of residential space, which means the project’s full-floor units should average 1,100 square feet apiece. Whitestone-based Platonic Solids Architecture is the architect of record. The site, which was subdivided into two lots in February, is currently occupied by a two-story, single-family house. Permits were filed to demolish it in January.

41-97 Parsons Boulevard

Seven-Story, 32-Unit Residential Building Planned At 41-97 Parsons Boulevard, East Flushing

Xue H. Huang, head of Corona-based First Red Apple Realty, has filed applications for a seven-story, 32-unit residential building at 41-97 Parsons Boulevard, on the western end of East Flushing, located five blocks from Downtown Flushing’s Main Street. Initial new building applications were filed in March of 2014, but follow-up documents were not submitted until recently. The new building would encompass 37,087 square feet and its residential units should average a rental-sized 736 square feet apiece. There will also be space in the cellar for a medical office. According to the Schedule A, amenities include 16-car parking and 16 bike storage spaces in the cellar and a recreational area on the ground floor. Flushing-based Raymond Chan is the architect of record. The site’s former two-story house was demolished in October of last year.

45-47 Robinson Street

Three Two-Unit Residential Buildings Planned At 45-47 Robinson Street, East Flushing

Flushing-based Hang Chen has filed applications for three two-unit residential buildings at 45-41 – 45-47 Robinson Street, in East Flushing. The entire development will total 5,392 square feet in residential space, and each two-story building will split the square-footage roughly equally. This translates into an average unit size of 899 square feet. Chang Hwa Tan’s Flushing-based architecture firm is the architect of record, and permits were filed back in June to demolish two wood-frame houses.

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