Three Hudson Boulevard Remains On Hold in Hudson Yards, Manhattan

Rendering of 3 Hudson Boulevard. Rendering by Boston Properties and The Moinian Group

Rounding out our Turkey Week rundown of stalled projects is Three Hudson Boulevard, a planned 56-story commercial skyscraper in the Hudson Yards district. Designed by FXCollaborative and developed by Boston Properties and The Moinian Group, the $3 billion project is planned to stand around 940 feet tall and yield 1.86 million square feet of office space, but has been on hold since early 2020. The plot occupies a full block bound by West 35th Street to the north, West 34th Street to the south, Bella Abzug Park to the east, and Eleventh Avenue to the west.

Recent photos show the foundations built up to street level and protective structures constructed around the core walls and covering several holes in the ground floor. A set of railroad tracks from Hudson Yards is visible through one exposed opening in the foundation. Wooden construction fencing still surrounds the site, but all machinery has been removed.

3 Hudson Boulevard. Photo by Michael Young

3 Hudson Boulevard. Photo by Michael Young

Three Hudson Boulevard was designed to rise with a uniform glass curtain wall with flat surfaces on the northern and southern elevations and a series of setbacks topped with private office terraces on the eastern and western faces. The ground floor would house a 40-foot-tall lobby with casual food and beverage options, and a sky lobby on the second floor would provide access to the elevators.

All office levels were designed to provide column-free floor spans with panoramic views of the neighboring Hudson Yards district, Midtown Manhattan, and the Hudson River. Floors three through seven span 50,000 square feet each, and some levels were expected to provide ceiling spans of up to 30 feet.

The below renderings showcase the interiors and the eastern side of the lower levels, emphasizing the building’s proximity to the 34th Street-Hudson Yards 7 train station.

A view of the 29th floor of Three Hudson Boulevard. Rendering courtesy of the Moinian Group.

A view of the 29th floor of Three Hudson Boulevard. Rendering courtesy of the Moinian Group.

Rendering of plaza at Three Hudson Boulevard. Rendering by Binyan Studios.

It remains unclear when construction on Three Hudson Boulevard will resume.

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14 Comments on "Three Hudson Boulevard Remains On Hold in Hudson Yards, Manhattan"

  1. David in Bushwick | November 24, 2022 at 8:23 am | Reply

    This glass box turkey should be pardoned. A facade redesign would be most welcomed.

    • This turkey has had quite a life. It started off ambitious and it’s now at a standstill. Hopefully, this turkey can be pardoned.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. David : Sent From Heaven. | November 24, 2022 at 8:26 am | Reply

    The tower moves to Hudson Yards with terraces and setbacks on exterior’s surfaces, the interiors have been decorated several light colors that do its glass curtain wall looking charming easily. This located need to be tough when nears completion, usually of beautiful design I can wait to see its finished looks: Thanks to Michael Young.

  3. The foundation work on this building was far ahead of 50 HY and The Sprial at one point, then it all came to a halt. Hopefully something more interesting than these renderings will appear in the not to distant future.

    • Honestly this design is not that bad and hope it gets built ASAP. Would be nice to see even more development north of 34th Street in Hudson Yards

  4. Looks like this site plus the one across the street from it are completely stalled. It would be nice to know if you told us why.

    • These developers are smart enough not to share the real reasons why their projects are stalled. As if it’s not embarrassing enough to have a visibly unfinished project in the middle of New York City that people can see and pass by everyday.

  5. More then 20 years after 9/11.
    Will New York ever recover?

    • Lawrence Donohue | November 24, 2022 at 12:57 pm | Reply

      What are you talking about? NYC did recover after 9/11 with one of the biggest building booms in its history. Its population also grew by over half a million people. The pandemic obviously is what changed the game. What planet do you live on?

    • What rock have you been living under since 9/11?

  6. All these empty unfinished sites remind me of the series…
    “Life After People”!
    Maybe it’s really happening?! 🤫

  7. There is Negative demand for office space these days, because everyone is WFH. Most experts expect this trend to continue. And Tech is increasingly laying off people. This is why Vornado pulled out of its Penn Station “renewal”. Even with all the money Hochul wants to throw at it (they contributed heavily to her campaign), Steve Roth knew he’d lose money there.

    Qatar on the Hudson (buildings only, not bigotry) will wind up being a total failure, as it should be. Most soulless place in Manhattan.

    • WFH is NOT what most employers like. They’ve seen enough by now. And WFH is NOT increasing. If you havent noticed/heard, the biggest tech employers (like Disney, Google, Facebook, and now Twitter) – which skew heavily to young employees – have ordered them back into the office, across the nation. Other big non-tech companies, too. I know it won’t (likely) ever be 100% the way it was before 2020, but it’s NOT going to be like you think it is either – everyone WFH. No. Finally, ask yourself this: Why would investors pour $billions into new office buildings if everyone is WFH? They obviously know something you don’t. And the healthy leasing percentages in these new towers strongly suggests it.

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