The Jardim at 527 West 27th Street Nearing Completion in Chelsea

527 West 27th Street, West 27th Street side near. Rendering via Grant Engineering.

The Jardim at 527 West 27th Street is an upcoming 11-story residential complex in Chelsea. It stands adjacent to Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street project. The new property has already topped out and almost all the exterior work is finished, with only minor touches awaiting completion on the ground level and top floors. Meanwhile, the interiors of the 36 units are being fitted out, each averaging 2,500 square feet. The 90,000-square-foot undertaking is being designed by Isay Weinfeld and developed by Centaur Properties and Pizzarotti.

Views from the High Line and from Hudson Yards show the Jardim getting very close to the finish line.

Looking north at both towers of The Jardim, Zaha Hadid’s project to the right and 30 Hudson Yards sticking out in the back. Photo by Michael Young

The backside of Jardim Norte. Photo by Michael Young

Jardim Sul. Photo by Michael Young

The Jardim consists of two separate towers. The one that stands along West 28th Street will be called Jardim Norte, and will contain 29 units. It starts with a seven-story, red-colored brick facade with a setback on the eighth floor. Several protruding metal balconies jut out from the brick exterior. Above the future landscaped terrace will be an additional four stories with floor-to-ceiling glass panels arranged in a scattered pattern of square and rectangular frames. A flat roof parapet crowns the top.

The second building is called Jardim Sul, and is a thinner, rectangular tower standing isolated along West 27th Street. It has a mixture of red- and white-colored bricks and large, floor-to-ceiling glass panels for the units. There will be outdoor terraces and balconies, and two penthouses on the top two floors. Connecting the architecture and aesthetics of the two components is an outdoor courtyard with overhanging shrubs.

The Jardim should most likely finish before the end of the year.

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8 Comments on "The Jardim at 527 West 27th Street Nearing Completion in Chelsea"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: It is broad on beautiful, it is beautiful on broad, and it is broad on pretty or beautiful. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. You would think that being next door to a great work of architecture that they would have tried just a little bit harder.

  3. Terrible, just terrible. The hackitect should be ashamed.

  4. Dear critics, Mr Weinfeld was an international Starchitect years before Hadid became the darling of the Nouveau Avant Garde. I imagine the Jardin will achieve higher asking prices and will those units will retain value long after the ZHA hype is over and it’s shiny finish is dulled next door.

  5. Yes, the units in the Jardim will go for high prices – because the buyers will get stunning views of the area around them without having to actually look at the “architecture” in which they live. Pity the Jardim’s neighbors.

    And to think this is the sort of cutting edge architecture that Yimby laments is not being build in NYC…

  6. Actually this building has a clean, direct and sculptural simplicity and an interesting massing –all handsome and appealing. In contrast, the Hadid confection next door appears obsessively and vacuously ‘decorated’ (all those tin-pan-alley meretricious ‘circular’ geometries) within an inch of its life! Mindless cloying, saccharine formalism.

  7. Makeba Gaines-Kelly | July 16, 2020 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    S. America if flooded with buildings like this. But for NY…not sure yet. I’d like to see how it holds up after 4 seasons of expanding & contracting of materials. I do appreciate its simplistic nuances, of which Isay is know for.

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