Futuristic DUMBO Skyscraper Revealed in Concept Renderings From Studio SENK

A conceptual residential tower by Studio SENK. Rendering by DMOO

Netherlands-based design firm Studio SENK teamed up with DMOO, a rendering company, to visualize a new residential tower in DUMBO, and YIMBY has a first look at the impressive concept. The glass skyscraper would stand between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, with a base rising from within the atrium of the recently-completed Empire Stores, and an upper portion that would finally give DUMBO an iconic presence on the overall Brooklyn skyline.

A rigid grid of windows make up the bottom half of the tower. Multiple balconies and cantilevering floors would characterize the upper portion of the project, and create a dramatic architectural centerpiece over the East River.

For a tower of such height, this would easily distinguish the design from the surrounding landscape. Residents would enjoy uninterrupted views of the East River, the Lower Manhattan and Midtown skylines, and abundant sunlight all year round.

Close-up of the top of Studio SENK‘s conceptual tower over DUMBO. Rendering by DMOO.

In this close-up image, some of the terraces are staggered between the curtain wall while several double-height voids along the corners would  make the appearance of the building even more visually and structurally striking.

An open kitchen with access to an outdoor terrace across the marble island while a bedroom is found across the hallway. Rendering by DMOO.

Looking out from a dining room setup with the Lower Manhattan skyline through the curtains. Rendering by DMOO

Inside, the interiors are imagined to be just as contemporary and elegant as any new residential tower going up in New York City. Floor-to-ceiling windows sit around the perimeter of the skyscraper, with thin metal frames. This ideally optimizes the full potential of bringing in maximum daylight exposure no matter how high or low the floor. Herringbone floors appear in the render as a timeless choice for any apartment layout.

Although this concept will not rise anytime in the future, it does show is what could happen if construction was allowed to climb above current limitations in DUMBO and along the East River.

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21 Comments on "Futuristic DUMBO Skyscraper Revealed in Concept Renderings From Studio SENK"

  1. Atinch Tanriover | February 20, 2019 at 8:24 am | Reply

    what exactly is the purpose of this design project? it seems like they’ve spent an awful amount of time and work on a tower that will sit on top of empire stores that is a landmark property and hopefully will never happen!

  2. [][][]BUILD THE WALL[][][]

  3. Real Estate Greed Tower. A middle finger to a historic district.

  4. absolutely no one wants this to be built.

  5. Why did you use the imperative terms “would“ and “will” rather than the more accurate terms “could“ and “can“ when you’re talking about a design concept vs a plan? It was unclear until I clicked on the link and read the whole article that this was not an actually contemplated building but an exercise. That is terrible reporting. Additionally, to make it both the lead story in the email alert and the subject line of the email breaks every rule of communication and news publishing.

    • First this just said in article as a concept, so this not an approved to build project yet, it’s just a vision, a proposal to built, they want to built it as Skycraper and 60 story this is vision or proposal, and in reality it will be rejected, unless LPC represent crazy morons who want to add Skyscraper additions on every Landmarked building in this city.
      This is a very far away from reality!!! LPC and Local Community Board will be against this instantly, otherwise why not built 900 foot Bauhaus Skyscraper on Upper East Side, why not built these LES trio of Skyscrapers, and why anyone have expected to built this shit overthere, in DUMBO, closing a view from buildings located farther inland!?
      Second, many visions or even proposals became dead in the water. It’s just a concept, like making Skyscraperish Wall in Central Park or Wooden Skycraper in Central Park or built something tall and strange in the middle of Times Square, or Megatall Horseshoe Skyscraper next to Central Park, they are all just left as a possibility to build something like that and in fact Horseshoe Skyscraper was built in China instead of NYC. Wooden Skyscraper is building in Tokyo, instead of built in Central Park, and nobody wanted to turn Central Park in miniature replica of Grand Canyon with 1000 feet rocky walls, all of these skypie projects left as visionary.

  6. A disgusting misrepresentation. This tower
    Is unwanted and not even possible with current protections. Your “article” is blatant rhetoric and callous propaganda endorsing greed. For shame.

  7. This is so insulting…DUMBO is a historic district. NO ONE wants that thing built on the waterfront. Why not build this near one of the bridge ramps instead?!?!?!

  8. Even though I like the look of the building, I’m not a fan of it in DUMBO. I don’t think anyone in Brooklyn really wants a walled in waterfront like Manhattan with highrise condos littering the waterfront. Williamsburg is already a lost cause, let’s not bring it down the rest of the waterfront.

  9. A 56 Leonard knock off has no place in DUMBO.

  10. Just a thought, when the headline reads concept it probably means not for sure, if it did we would have some amazing vehicles on the road today that just never actually got built. That said, I agree this should not be represented as being in a protected area, if the reason for the story was to present a style it could just as easily been presented on any open patch of ground

  11. A 60 story replica of Tribeca Skycraper. Except being 60 story and around 700 feet, what is purpose of this building, too tall for this area, remember long time fight to built 10 story hotel on the slopes of Brooklyn Heights nearby, so this may be scrapped right away, simple being tall over neighbors at maximum 33 story. If necessary to built it over historic Landmarked building of Empire stores, then built it simular for matching existing height of building, like extra 7-12 floors or making total structure not taller than 300 feet. Built Skyscraper near Flatbush, Atlantic and 4th Avenue Intersection, on place of PC Richards store, but leave this landmark without “skyscraperish” additional on top of it. With existing part of Dumbo skyline, this building may be ok if everything built here is piece of crap, like on Greenpoint waterfront, but here you can create feel of marketplace, so make it like feel like in South Street Seaport or Downtown Baltimore waterfront. With stone and iron cast structures with delicate touch of modern brick or glass additions with moderate height. Built Skyscraper here is not necessary and this neighborhood already looks overbuilt. New 85 Jay+Front Street Project of 900+ apartments in modern high rise/low rise structures is just enough here.
    P.S, why you need glassy Skycraper here, for selling condos with unrestricted East River Manhattan Views for 2-3 million dollars at start. Converting this Brooklyn Skyline to new “Billionaire Alley” on Brooklyn waterfront. And this just few steps from historic midrise Watchtower complex. What’s already making Brooklyn Skyline here Iconic, means unique not found replicated anywhere across the World!!!
    And for Watching Manhattan Skyline from your apartment located here, is not necessary being on high rise, built 7-12 floors of condos or luxury rentals on top of existing structure, won’t harm neighborhood existing transportation and leaves skyline un-ruined with Tribeca replica of ODA like buildings of ridiculous height. Why not built it supertall, built it 1,775′, for making Brooklyn proud to have structure just a foot lower than One WTC, why not??? Or build first Megatall of 1,968′, and we will very proud to have such monstrosity each time when we trying to squeezing in rush hour subway trains!!!

  12. 56 Leonard anyone?

  13. Never never land atop the Empire Stores. An outrageous insult to a highly creative makeover of a once industrial neighborhood.

  14. It’s a nice building. Build is somewhere else. Leave DUMBO as one of the few relatively unmolested historic areas we have left.

  15. “…and an upper portion that would finally give DUMBO an iconic presence on the overall Brooklyn skyline.”

    That presence already exists in the east towers for the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

    If the goal was for the previously unknown Studio SENK to have its 15 minutes of fame, they have done so.

  16. Andrew I. Porter | February 20, 2019 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    Let’s build it on the grounds in front of Mar-A-Lago, or better yet, never anywhere.

    Incredible waste of pixels.

  17. Not every place needs an “iconic presence on the . . . skyline.”

    What a monumentally stupid proposal. Talk about the wrong building in the wrong place.

  18. The opening paragraph said this would bring an iconic presence to the overall Brooklyn skyline. NO IT DOES NOT! The iconic presence is the Brooklyn Bridge. Another is the Manhattan Bridge. This tower between the two bridges destroys that. The top of the tower looks like children left with out organizing their building blocks. Overall the context of the tower looks like the raising of a middle finger of dislike, presumably towards Manhattan. If you want waterfront iconic move the tower to the Gowanus Canal.

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