Renderings Revealed for 1932 Bryant Avenue, West Farms, The Bronx

1932 Bryant Avenue, rendering courtesy Association of New York Catholic Homes and Dattner Architects1932 Bryant Avenue, rendering courtesy Association of New York Catholic Homes and Dattner Architects

Today, YIMBY has the reveal for renderings of a 15-story affordable housing development at 1932 Bryant Avenue, in The Bronx’s West Farms neighborhood. The site will yield 319 affordable apartments just two blocks away from the West Farms Square Subway Station, which is serviced by the 2 and 5 trains. The Bronx Zoo is also nearby, in the same park as the New York Botanical Garden. Second Farms Neighborhood Housing is responsible for the development.

The modern building, built on a slope, incorporates four different colors of brick, employed to distinguish the various sections of the building. Black brick connects windows making columns of two and three, informing the main design of the façade. White bricks cover two corners, and golden bricks rise in a thin column from above the main entrance, creating the illusion of division in the center of the structure.

The 165-foot tall mixed-use building will yield 295,230 square feet of space, with 274,250 square feet dedicated to residential use, 11,890 square feet for commercial-retail use, and 9,080 square feet for medical facilities. Apartments will average 859 square feet apiece.

The healthcare and retail space will be located on the ground floor and basement. Tenants will have access to laundry rooms, recreation space, office rooms, and storage for 160 bicycles on the first floor.

Dattner Architects is responsible for the design.

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8 Comments on "Renderings Revealed for 1932 Bryant Avenue, West Farms, The Bronx"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | December 8, 2017 at 7:42 am | Reply

    Please pardon me for using your space: Give a good reason for renderings. (Attractive facade)

  2. I’m so glad to see that deserted parking complex and liquor warehouse torn down for affordable housing. Unfortunately that immediate area has so many developments going in a small area radius. I could only imagine the train station at West Farms Tremont ave platforms being over crowded. It’s a good thing the number 5 train goes express. I’m guessing about 2000 or more new units are going up in the next few years. Trains are already crowded at the local stops. This will only make it worst.

  3. The western bank of the Bronx River is going through an absolutely phenomenal transformation. There is so much development occuring there, and the new community is going to be highly urban and mass transportation oriented, a model for much of the rest of the outer boroughs. The high dense urbanity of the Bronx is rapidly returning to areas that were for decades severly blighted.

    And I wouldn’t worrry too much about West Farms Sq-East Tremont yet as the neighborhood used to be a lot more dense in the past. By the time this area is fully built out, we may have much more efficient bus routes to move people (SBS Q44 now and soon SBS Bx36 and 40). Mass transit improvements will also occur elsewhere on the 2/5 line to draw some people away from the subway and into buses and bikes. And hopefully frequency impovements if the MTA can get it together with CBTC.

  4. We loose history, compact neighborhoods with affordable housing they cant afford because it’s based on an ever growing housing market. We move poorer people into concentrated areas on the boro to keep the outlying water fronts clear for wealthier new tenants who didnt care about this borough ten years ago. The liquor store, former home of the delicious murder burger, the chinese restaurant, and the discount store were owned by tax paying bronxites who put their money back into the borough in many ways…we knock it down for building designs that can be found in any typically poor and forgotten neighborhood…and call it beautiful design…its cheap and mashed produced parts since this is in high demand. I am PISSED. To the comment above “there goes the neighborhood” you are certainly correct on that one.

  5. Excuse the typos above…I hit send far too quickly, but the sentiment was certainly not loss!

  6. Deborah Lawrence | April 19, 2019 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    please keep me informed of filing application. Thank you

  7. Katherine Harrison | May 8, 2020 at 10:21 am | Reply

    I have cityfheps voucher $1265-1300 nd im on ssi $870 ow can i apply for this building

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