Reveal for 2828 West 28th Street, aka Sea Park North, Coney Island, Brooklyn

2828 West 28th Street Coney Island Brooklyn2828 West 28th Street

Coney Island is currently seeing a resurgence in development both big and small, and today, YIMBY has the first details for a proposal by Arker Companies for a new building at 2828 West 28th Street, submitted in a rezoning dubbed Sea Park North, in the northern blocks of the neighborhood.

The project would rise eight floors to its rooftop, and will comprise 160,770 square feet of space, to be divided amongst 153 units and two technically separate structures. Aufgang Architects will be designing the building, and within the massing, it will be visually segmented into parts that contain PTACs, and parts that do not.

As described in the rezoning application:

The project would be developed with the use of HPD’s Extremely Low & Low-Income Affordability (ELLA) Program which funds the new construction of low income multi-family rental projects in which a minimum of 70% of the units are at low income rents affordable to households earning up to 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). Up to 30% of the units may have rents affordable to moderate income households earning up to 100% of AMI. At least 10% of units must be set aside for formerly homeless households.

With the building technically divided in two, and the partial inclusion of PTACs, it would seem that the larger building will be mostly or all affordable housing, while the smaller building may contain condominiums.

The division of the structure into six visually distinct segments helps to reduce potential monotony, as the proposed massing spans half of the block’s length. The submitted rezoning would allow for additional redevelopment on several additional lots within the same block, resulting in up to five other new buildings.

While the proposal for 2828 West 28th Street lacks any retail, it will still do a decent job of densifying a relatively transit-accessible corner of New York City, with the D, F, N, and Q trains’ Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue stop twelve blocks to the east.

Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and should wrap by 2022.

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5 Comments on "Reveal for 2828 West 28th Street, aka Sea Park North, Coney Island, Brooklyn"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | September 5, 2017 at 7:11 am | Reply

    Mainly agreed.

  2. On Waterfront property building again Housing Projects? WHY??????? Does this make any sense? Who’s idea was this?

    In addition, we have enough housing projects in the area. Why not diversify and make it a better place!

  3. If they are building condos and affordable housing, that makes sense. But please no more housing projects in beautiful Coney Island. We need to diversify and make it safe again!

  4. More brilliance by the city. Take a neighborhood that is potentially your highest tax-base: desirble oceanfront property in a neighborhood that is up-and-coming, with entertainment continually being built. Instead, collect the lowest possible tax revenue by continuing to build below-affordable housing. And where plenty of below-affordable housing already exists. This is the type of brilliant thinking that ruined Coney Island in the first place. Obviously the dreams of Giuliani and Bloomberg to revitalize Coney are dead DEAD DEAD. DeBlasio is just making sure none of this less-than-affordable stuff gets built in Park Slope (his residence) or Manhattan (his voting base).

  5. its really disturbing to see people say no more housing . Gentrification is at an all time high making it impossible for people to afford moving . I am all for more housing projects . No matter where you are in the world you are never completely safe

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