Permits Filed: 264 Sullivan Place, Crown Heights

264 Sullivan Place, image via Google Maps264 Sullivan Place, image via Google Maps

Southern Crown Heights isn’t as thick with new construction as the area north of Eastern Parkway, but new apartments are in the works on the low-slung blocks around Empire Boulevard.

Last week, YIMBY noticed new building applications for a seven-story residential development at 264 Sullivan Place, between Rogers and Nostrand avenues. Two small brick houses may bite the dust for 27 apartments and a small community facility space.

The apartments would be divided across 16,523 square feet of residential space, with average units weighing in at only 600 square feet. A 700-square-foot community facility would fill the ground floor, and the next four stories would have five units each. The sixth floor would hold three units, and the top floor would include just two units. Those top two floors would also include roof terraces.

The developer would have to build an eight-car parking lot to fulfill zoning requirements, even though the 2 and 5 trains are close by at Sterling and President Streets.

South Williamsburg-based Mendel Gold is the developer, and architect Udoette Isaiah applied for the permits.

Gold picked up the two homes at 262 and 264 Sullivan Place for a combined $1.8 million last month. That works out to $104 for each square foot of his planned building.

The biggest project rising in this neck of the woods is a 165-unit rental at 267 Rogers Avenue, where Heights Advisors knocked down a Catholic church in 2014. An eight-story building is also under construction at the western end of Sullivan Place, and the city plans to transform the historic Bedford Union Armory into residential towers with retail and a community center.

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2 Comments on "Permits Filed: 264 Sullivan Place, Crown Heights"

  1. Evelyn Tully Costa | March 15, 2016 at 11:00 am |

    This precisely why we need to LANDMARK because we are most definable LOSING IT.

    Armory is being DESTROYED not transformed by EDC and developers, looted you might say. The “historic” side of President Street is being sold off to developers for a quick condo bucks when that space is really need for commercial rentals and world class programming such as urban farming, wellness center, IT training, international farm to table cooking school etc…Community, borough and city needs VISIONARY uses of these buildings, not the usual sell it cheap to developers for luxury condos which will pay for mediocre programming (right now it’s down to 3 basketball courts, 6 janitor jobs, a pool and some rooms the community will have to fight over when all is said and done) The gargantuan 400 thousand square feet of dismal architecture that is planned for the back end garage will provide SOME dubious “affordable” housing in exchange for essentially stealing the Armory right out from under us. We need to take some serious looks at EDC’s “biz” failures as once again instead of using city owner property (that’s OUR property folks) in the wisest and fairest ways to promote world class programming, projects and community building we get this half baked (for us) give away to developers who are NOT community builders. The very presence of the condos and the luxury apartments will displace even MORE of our neighbors. Two points: NO SALE of President Street side of Armory, that should be under COMMUNITY control and COMMUNITY conservancey/foundation runs the head house. contact: [email protected] to see the REAL plans…

  2. Modafinil Provigil | August 15, 2016 at 4:12 pm |

    Both adjoining properties, 262 and 264 Sullivan Place between Rogers and Nostrand avenues in Crown Heights , were snapped up by real estate companies in the past two years from previous owners, both residents of the homes, deeds show.

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