Documents Confirm 432 Park Will Be New York’s New Tallest!

If these documents filed with the New York Department of Buildings are indeed true, 432 Park is going to have the new tallest roof in New York City (even taller than 1 World Trade Center). More remarkable than the building’s height is what’s inside; only five elevators! (well, eight if you count the ones outside the core). The new iconic skyscraper will share land with not one, but two retail buildings at its base, ensuring instant landmark status for the development.

Image from NYC Department of Buildings

The documents reveal–for the first time–that the tower will consist of 90 floors. The diagrams also shed light on the future layout of 432 Park; instead of simply two buildings rising on the lot, there will be at least 3. The retail component said to be more iconic than the Apple Cube will consist of 3,600 square feet, fronting on Park Avenue and rising over sixty feet–although only diagrams are available, the space appears very grand indeed.

Image from NYC Department of Buildings

Contrary to earlier expectations, 432 Park will be rising at the center of the lot, with a 6-story structure rising along 57th street; given 432 Park is expected to include over 100,000 square feet of retail, perhaps an iconic department store could end up anchoring the spot?

Adjacent to the western-edge of 432 Park will be a small parking structure as well, which looks as if it will house elevators to transport cars to-and-from the street. For the first time, a window into the tower itself is provided as well–if the diagrams are correct, the tower will contain a hotel component occupying the bottom dozen or so floors in addition to residential units above. The combo definitely makes sense for high-end buyers who can expect and afford hotel amenities along with their units.

Image from NYC Department of Buildings

All in all, the plans give the first real glimpse into the city’s future tallest residential building, and finally confirm that 432 Park will be taking the city’s tallest (by roof) crown from the new World Trade Center–and it isn’t even finished yet!

Image from NYC Department of Buildings

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3 Comments on "Documents Confirm 432 Park Will Be New York’s New Tallest!"

  1. What is the actual link to the dept of building page with that floor plan? Have been trying to link but takes me to some blank page?.
    This information is very useful. Especially to myself I’m a concrete form carpenter and hopefully will have the chance to work in this project.

  2. Ah, unfortunately the DOB has taken down the particular component that I took screen grabs of… this link should take you to all recent filings for 432 Park, though:

  3. @new york yimby i was able to download the whole application and plans as a pdf. thanks for providing the link

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