Permits Filed for Morris Adjmi-Designed 38 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village

38 West 8th Street, via Google Maps38 West 8th Street, via Google Maps

Permits have been filed for a seven-story mixed-use development at 38 West 8th Street, one block away from Washington Square Park. The site is off the beaten path for Greenwich Village, and the extant structure is not of noteworthy or particular beauty. Despite this, the odds are high this project will attract undeserved criticism from local rent-gouging homeowners fearful of any increase in neighborhood housing supply. Joseph Straus of the Straus Group is listed as responsible for the development.

The 74-foot tall structure will yield 43,400 square feet, with 7,250 square feet dedicated to commercial use, 33,900 square feet dedicated to residential use, and 2,250 square feet dedicated to community facility use. 26 apartments will be created, averaging 1,300 square feet apiece, indicating condominiums.

Morris Adjmi Architects will be responsible for the design. The firm is a veteran for designing in Manhattan, often integrating traditional design / composition with curtain wall facades and steel paneling.

38 West 8th Street, via Google Maps

38 West 8th Street, via Google Maps

The ground floor will be occupied by a residential lobby and retail stores. A penthouse unit on the top floor will have a private terrace, with the rest of the tenants consigned to having to share a rooftop terrace.

Demolition permits for the existing structure have not been filed. The estimated completion date has not been announced.

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5 Comments on "Permits Filed for Morris Adjmi-Designed 38 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Used for reading and next I waiting for. (Thank you)

  2. Little judgmental there. Even non-gouging village residents are sensitive to density and height changes in a neighborhood known for it’s modest scale. Combine this with the project planned for 16 Fifth (I think it’s 16), that’s a lot of change for the 8th street corridor.

    • I agree. The story’s preemptive criticism of homeowners is too harsh — they’re more likely to oppose construction nuisances and loss of sunlight than an increase in housing. (That said, this project is likely to turn out well.)

  3. Seth Bogdanove | August 21, 2018 at 8:57 am | Reply

    I always liked the look of that building and I was a devotee of Two-Toots which occupied the corner storefront. It seems a shame for it to go.

  4. How terribly sad to see the essence of the West Village being lost to development and left to become nothing special but just another over-built area. Shame on the local politicians for not caring about the special quality of The Village that has been unique and known worldwide.

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