Renovation Update: One Liberty Plaza

One Liberty PlazaOne Liberty Plaza

One Liberty Plaza, formerly known as the U.S. Steel Building, is getting a facelift—though at the moment, it looks as if it just received the structural equivalent of a chemical peel. The 54-story tower was designed by SOM and built in 1972, replacing the Singer Building, which once stood as New York’s tallest.

Though damaged in 9/11, the tower remains a prominent spot for financial firms. Brookfield has not released details on the building’s pock-marked nature—indeed, the work is minimal, and more visually surprising than anything—and the refurbishment will presumably be complete by the end of the year.

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3 Comments on "Renovation Update: One Liberty Plaza"

  1. Singer Building was the World’s tallest, too.

  2. The steel is Corten which is supposed to supply its own patina of rust to the exterior beams and columns. Perhaps they are “clearing the canvass” to make repairs to the steel and to allow the rust patina to begin anew. Just a guess.

  3. Nikolai Fedak | May 29, 2013 at 5:39 pm |

    Indeed the Singer was! Well, besides the Eiffel Tower, if that counts. Did not know it was Corten, and interesting how its use has become much more common in recent years – Barclays the obvious poster-child.

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