Permits Filed for 2164 Hughes Avenue in Belmont, The Bronx

2164 Hughes Avenue in Belmont, The Bronx via Google Maps

Permits have been filed for a seven-story residential building at 2164 Hughes Avenue in Belmont, The Bronx. Located between East 181st and East 182nd Streets, the lot is near the 182-183 Streets subway station, serviced by the B and D trains. Nush Sukaj of NFS Development Corp. is listed as the owner behind the applications.

The proposed 64-foot-tall development will yield 21,339 square feet designated for residential space. The building will have 32 residences, most likely rentals based on the average unit scope of 667 square feet. The masonry-based structure will also have a 38-foot-long rear yard, seven open parking spaces, and three enclosed parking spaces.

Badaly Architects is listed as the architect of record.

Demolition permits were filed in October for the two-family home on the site. An estimated completion date has not been announced.

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11 Comments on "Permits Filed for 2164 Hughes Avenue in Belmont, The Bronx"

  1. Something soul crushing this way comes.

  2. This is the Evil of Rezoning.
    One less Family Home.
    The is no Planning.
    Who profits?
    Ruthless Real Estate Opportunists.
    Who loses?
    We The Community.

    • You should stop worrying about the loss of dumpy and decaying single families and rallying the community to insist on better architecture. Every Badaly designed building is an act of vandalism on the neighborhood.

      • While Badaly buildings are generally ugly, the existing structure on the lot is even worse so this should be a minor actual aesthetic improvement that will house 32 families who couldn’t afford an overpriced single family house.

        • How do you know that 32 families will live in these tiny apts. with an average unit scope of 667 square feet?
          What families can live in such a small apt and these units aren’t income linked but market rate.
          And who the fk needs ten parking spaces on site?
          You call this quaint single family home overpriced? How on the world do you explain that logic?
          Please tell me.

      • who the fk are you NFA to declare peoples houses where they live “dumpy and decaying single families ”
        Why don’t you go to the Bronx and rally people to insist on better architectiure, which won’t do a damn thing. It’s about changing the zoning so this crap can’t happen.
        I see a nice 2 story family home with a front and backyard that will be turned into a thoughtless, out of context piece of crap 7 story building.
        All these greedy developers are doing is destroying the character of neighborhoods in the name of profit.
        So sad, another pice go Bronx history down the drain.

        • The detached house is the out of context building. Most buildings in the area are attached and larger than 10 units. It’s a pretty average house.

          The 7 story will provide housing for many more people which is needed there, be of much higher standards in regards to fire safety, and be more energy efficient.

          • My opinion is the size of these units. People should have more than a 9×9 room to live in. The bathroom is the size of bedrooms. I’m just saying. Make a distinction between a adult bedroom and a childrens room. 2 or Moore children should not be housed like that. Give new housing with decency.

        • Have you ever lived in a 100-year old house? I have, unfortunately—draughty, poorly insulated, crooked, etc. You act as though these old decrepit houses are sacrosanct—they’re not. Stuff gets old and needs to be replaced—not everything in the world is a goddamn historical preservation project! Only bad news is Badaly!

  3. Shanty Parks | May 6, 2023 at 9:08 am | Reply

    Although this old house will be used for very small living quarters, the current condition of that house is horrible and should be condemned. I’m sure someone looking for housing would rather have new and clean over big!

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