City Officials Greenlight a 24-Story Residential Redevelopment in New Rochelle

Renderings of 2 Sherwood PlaceRenderings of 2 Sherwood Place

The New Rochelle Planning Board has unanimously approved a multi-phase residential development in the city’s downtown. The scope of work includes a partial demolition at 255 Huguenot Street to make way for a 24-story building and a subdivision of the existing lot to create a new public through street to be named Sherwood Place.

As originally reported by Westchester County Business Journal, the official address of the structure will be 2 Sherwood Place. The application for development was submitted by 255 Huguenot Owner LLC. Boston-based developer DSF Group is the current owner of the “La Rochelle” apartment building at 255 Huguenot Street that will be partially leveled.

Preliminary renderings of 2 Sherwood Place

Preliminary renderings of 2 Sherwood Place (right) and the remaining portions of 255 Huguenot Street (left)

Designed by SK+I Architecture, the structure will comprise 301 residential units, parking accommodations for 300 vehicles on the building’s lower levels, and ground floor retail, in addition to an unspecified assortment of residential amenities.

The New Rochelle Planning Board voted unanimously in support of the new property, which was sold as a catalyst in the evolution of the city to become a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly urban center.

New renderings of the project depict a metal mesh façade on the lower-level parking areas that transitions into a cementitious black and gray material. Beyond these preliminary illustrations, the developer has not released a timeline of construction.

Renderings of 2 Sherwood Place

Renderings of Sherwood Place through street

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8 Comments on "City Officials Greenlight a 24-Story Residential Redevelopment in New Rochelle"

  1. Why is this Mayor destroying our South Side of New Rochelle with over development. The South Side of New Rochelle doesn’t have enough space on the south end to accommodate this congestion. New Rochelle residents have been promised lower taxes since the development of Home Depot and CostCo. As I South Side homeowner for 37 years, I didn’t get a tax break. My taxes more than tripled. Trying to drive from East to West and West to East using the limited amount of arteries, Pelham Road, Main Street and Huguenot Street is a joke. If Mayor Branson thinks he is improving the lives of New Rochelle residents, he has no common sense. He may be improving the lives of the North End where he lives but he has totally destroyed the Sourh End. Thanks Mr Bramson I wish you never got re-elected.

  2. Noel Anthony Haughey | November 7, 2019 at 3:03 pm | Reply

    wow.. beautiful.. New Rochelle needs a make over. Looking great. I support all the new developments.

  3. Will any of these apartments be for Senior housing at a low rate?

  4. Yolanda Concepcion | November 7, 2019 at 5:12 pm | Reply

    Will any apartments be available for affordable housing?

  5. Westchester is a racist place period, New Rochelle is building these condo apartments, yet no improvements to their public housing on LinColn Avenue.They don’t have any programs to help the youth, just these greedy neo-zionists buying everything up to sell to the highest bidder.

  6. C. E. V. South New Rochelle | November 21, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    Wow, lot’s of positive comments on Westchester! Why are you reading YIMBY if you are a NIMBY? This development has been planned since the new road was put it and La Rochelle redid their amenities. I fully support Noam and the development in New Rochelle. Do you want a return to the 10 year period in New Rochelle where one, 6 story building was the only thing built and the city brought in no sales tax? No, our property tax is not going to go down, but the city would die without some rejuvenation. New Rochelle has the most diverse population in Westchester.

  7. Somebody died in South Africa today, and all the people in Rye could care less because the money was not enough from the hands of the Kurdish children who harvest the Nutella Nuts in Turkey for the Ferrero family who is of Italian descent. I say a prayer even for those who chose the wrong path.There is enough food to feed 14 billion people on the planet, yet there is malnutrition and sickness all over,

  8. Try building something in this city, as a home owner. They will charge you fees, then tax you to death. However, if you’re part of a coropration, looking to building for a profit, the city hands you the keys and lets you run wild.


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