640 West 238th Street

27-Unit Apartment Building Coming To 640 West 238th Street, Riverdale

Filed during the turn of the building code in 2014, more applications have been filed for a planned eight-story, 27-unit apartment building at 640 West 238th Street, in the southern, denser area of Riverdale. The building will have 20,205 square feet of residential space, and Shahriar Afshari is designing. The existing two-story, single-family structure passed pre-demolition inspection earlier this month.

2208 Boller Avenue

Baptist Church Coming To 2208 Boller Avenue, Co-Op City

Co-Op City Baptist Church has filed applications for a three-story, nearly 17,500 square-foot religious building — fit with a sanctuary, office and class rooms, and a paster’s suite — at the bottom of Co-Op City in Baychester. The project is located at the vacant parcel at 2208 Boller Avenue, and Guy P. Romain is designing.

50 Oak Point Avenue

Cement Distrubution Facility Coming To 50 Oak Point Avenue, Port Morris, South Bronx

Oak Point Property LLC has filed applications for a single-story, 60-foot-tall cement distribution facility at 50 Oak Point Avenue, in Port Morris. The Bronx facility will measure nearly 75,600 square feet, and EDG Consulting Engineers is the architect of record. The property is currently vacant and is adjacent to the East River and the railroad tracks.

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