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YIMBY’s 2022 Q4 Report Shows a Surge of New Housing Filings with 13,030 Units Filed from October through December

The fourth-quarter numbers for New York City’s construction filings are in, and YIMBY is excited to report that the overall figures from October through December dramatically outpace those from the previous quarter. Although the total number of new building filings is slightly down, dipping from 768 in Q3 to 738 in Q4, the number of residential and hotel unit filings surged from 7,217 in Q3 to 13,030 in Q4. Similarly, the total filed-for floor area effectively doubled, rising from 10.6 million square feet in Q3 to 20.3 million square feet in Q4. In effect, not only has the size of the average filing become twice as large during the period, but it also increased in height from an average of 3.2 in Q3 to 4.1 in Q4. The full report in Excel format is available with a subscription to YIMBY’s Building Wire.

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YIMBY’s 2022 Q3 Report Reveals 7,217 New Units Filed from July Through September

Summer has come and gone, and as New Yorkers roll back their clocks, YIMBY rolls out our latest quarterly report that analyzes in detail the trends behind three months’ worth of construction permit filings. In the period from July through September of 2022, the Department of Buildings registered a total of 769 new construction filings throughout New York City, which promise to add 7,217 units to the city’s residential and hotel stock. The permit numbers maintain the robust filing volume we have observed so far throughout the year, as even the quarter’s least-active months continue to far outpace the figures from last year.

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YIMBY’s 2022 Q2 Report Reveals Sustained Filing Volume from April Through June in New York City

Figures for new construction permit filings for New York City for the second quarter of 2022 are in, and YIMBY’s latest analysis reveals that a number of positive trends emergent in the year’s first quarter have continued at a sustained pace. During the period spanning April, May, and June, the Department of Buildings registered permit filings for a combined total of around 13.1 million square feet, which, among other uses, includes 9,997 residential and hotel rooms. Although the square footage of the average filing is slightly smaller compared to the first quarter, the 857 new permits filed in the second quarter almost exactly match the total of 862 filings in the previous quarter, with both figures substantially exceeding quarterly averages from the previous year. Below we share a detailed analysis of the aggregated permit data. The full data set on which we based our research is available with a subscription to YIMBY’s Building Wire service.

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YIMBY’s 2022 Q1 Report Shows 19,337 New Residential and Hotel Units Filed From January Through March in New York City

Statistics for permit filings for New York City for the first quarter of 2022 are in, and YIMBY has exciting news to share. During the three months between January and March, the Department of Buildings has registered a total of 862 new building permits filings, skyrocketing past last year’s quarterly average of 504 filings. The filings add up to a total of 22.4 million square feet, nearly doubling last year’s quarterly average of 13.3 million. Among these, the filings for new residential and hotel properties yield a combined total of 19,337 units. Below we share a series of custom-made charts and analyses that break the data down into further detail. The full report is available with a subscription to YIMBY’s Building Wire service.

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YIMBY’s 2022 Construction Report Reveals 45,019 New Residential and Hotel Unit Filings in New York City

After significant delays caused by the DOB’s abrupt shift to “Build Now” which temporarily left the Five Boroughs without a functional Department of Buildings Website in March of 2021, YIMBY’s 2022 construction report is in, and the results are positively encouraging. The annual report tracks and analyzes permits filed for new buildings in New York City over the course of the year 2021. The data shows that in 2021, builders throughout the city filed permits for 2,017 structures, ranging from single-car garages to towering skyscrapers. The figure represents a 14-percent increase compared to the 2020 total of 1,774 permits. The 2021 filings will boost the city’s built stock by 53,344,472 million square feet and yield a combined total of 45,019 residential and hotel units. The full report is available with a subscription to YIMBY’s Building Wire service.

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