Marriott SpringHill’s Foundations Reach Street Level at 223 West 46th Street in Times Square

Rendering of 223 West 46th Street - Gene Kaufman ArchitectRendering of 223 West 46th Street . Designed by Gene Kaufman Architect

Foundation work is progressing on the 200-key Marriott SpringHill at 223 West 46th Street in Times Square. Designed by Gene Kaufman Architects and developed by McSam Hotel Group, the project is planned to rise “at least 26 stories,” according to the design team. The main rendering depicts a tower of 34 stories.

A recent photo from Tectonic shows the progress at the site, which is located between Broadway and Eighth Avenue. Foundations are mostly in place and the steel rebar and formwork have just begun to reach street level. Work on the planned 70,000-square-foot edifice broke ground this past January.

223 West 46th Street. Photo by Tectonic

Renderings show a slim, gray-colored superstructure with a simple grid of windows four bays wide that stretches all the way to the flat roof parapet. Additional mechanical equipment caps the very top in the centerline of the floor plate. Amenities for hotel guests will include a garden-level fitness center, a ground-floor restaurant with outdoor seating, and a rear yard. There is only one setback in the massing, found right at the start of the second floor where the structure pushes back from the sidewalk and main entrance.

The Marriott SpringHill is located directly across from New York’s largest hotel and Marriott’s biggest establishment in the city with 1,966 rooms, the Marriott Marquis. The closest subways are the N, R, and W trains at the 49th Street station on Seventh Avenue. The Port Authority Bus Terminal, with additional access to the A, C, and E trains and connection to the 1, 2, 3, 7, Q, and shuttle to Grand Central Terminal, is four streets to the south along Eighth Avenue.

A completion date for 223 West 46th Street has not been announced.

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15 Comments on "Marriott SpringHill’s Foundations Reach Street Level at 223 West 46th Street in Times Square"

  1. Look at that inspiring setback. Genius.

  2. The Foundation might be the most appealing part of this building.

  3. Gene Kaufman should be ashamed of himself. Gwathmey must be spinning in his grave…and he was no great shakes at teh end of his career.

    But this is just awful. It should make anyone a NIMBY.

  4. Terrible

  5. Reminds me of a tall building painted on butcher paper,
    by a 5 year in kindergarten! ?

    But obviously it shows the level of experience Mr. Kauffman has achieved, and am sure it will be something he will proud of?

  6. This kind of low-quality trash shouldn’t be documented/shared/published… I’d rather not know that this unfortunate addition is materializing.

  7. Maybe Kaufman is hired to produce the cheapest designs to squeeze every $$ possible out of his projects. Another miserable eyesore.

  8. Spaces in that area r costly bc od site purchases. U build ornate and beauty in rochester when the land cost 1/8th.

    Uglt is ugly as long as it doesnt look too ugly.

    Wonder how muxh xheaper it will be relative to its sistwr across the street?

    Or will it be:
    Boutique premium
    Plusha and elegant with contemparary flare
    Or whatever RE bs

    • “Spaces in that area r costly bc od site purchases. U build ornate and beauty in rochester when the land cost 1/8th.”

      I think you’ll find that historically your position is unsupportable.

      The City deserves better than anything Gene Kaufman poops out.

  9. Another abomination by this unscrupulous architect. the city is truly reverting back to the despair or the late 70s’ overblown protests and mass crime painted over a bland backdrop of inconspicuous garbage.

  10. it will look cute at Christmas….?

  11. ERROR: The above comment was meant for the HEATHERWICK. ❗️

  12. Dev xosts in those areas r costly. And xleanibg the buildings requires awnings fir the whole blxok. Plus inaurance.

    Dull colors require far less expenses

    Its a high turnover space. Few oxxupants wouls look for more than the mute photo they have fron a searchengine.

  13. Rochester dev xosts is far less than nyc metro. Simple faxt. Dufferent snow. Different wwather. Diff incomes. Rochester would drop 20 to 50 k avginxome.

    Soto say what? Ican get a 70 yr old dual retiree with 4p1k or pension to buy a 635k home qith old world touches and access to an onramp.

    That land may havecost 25k.

    Whata the cost per unit for land along 42nd st.

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