Rusticated Steel Fins Installed as 25 Great Jones Street Nears Completion in NoHo

25 Great Jones Street, rendering by BKSK Architects

Construction of the curtain wall of 25 Great Jones Street, aka 22 Bond Street, is moving swiftly. The thin steel fins that run vertically down the length of the main elevation in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass panels have been installed. Located in NoHo between Great Jones Street and Bond Street, the 11-story condominium building is designed by BKSK Architects and developed by Second Development Services and Richport Group. The structure will contain six units with prices starting at $9.8 million, and will include a penthouse that reportedly spans about 4,000 square feet.

Photos from street level show the rusticated, dark-colored steel fins protruding from the northern elevation.

The main northern façade of 25 Great Jones Street. Photo by Michael Young

The steel fins of 25 Great Jones Street offer a dramatic contrast in color and material with the surrounding streetscape. Photo by Michael Young

A close-up shot of the steel fins on the upper floors beyond the main setback. Photo by Michael Young

The building’s vertical lines create a striking juxtaposition with the surrounding architecture of Great Jones Street and the neighborhood as a whole, which is dominated by façades with thick cornices and ornamental columns. 25 Great Jones Street departs from this with a slim front profile, dark colors, and a metallic, industrial feel.

A completion date for 25 Great Jones Street has not been formally announced.

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9 Comments on "Rusticated Steel Fins Installed as 25 Great Jones Street Nears Completion in NoHo"

  1. Love me some cor-ten

  2. All that rust is going to run down the building and cause ugly rust streaks on the sidewalks.

    • Yeah, I see that on a lot of bridges. I wonder if they have a way to prevent that. If they collect the water they may be able to contain the rust.

  3. In architecture “rusticated” refers to stone blocks with the edges cut back from the face to emphasize their shape – or other materials(stucco, wood) attempting to simulate the appearance of rustication.

    Oxidized steel is simply “rusted.”

  4. Clean your damn building! Kids today.

  5. I’m not sure if the rust will drip since it’s pre-rusted already

  6. Incorrect use of an architectural term. Rusted does not equal rusticated: verb
    past tense: rusticated; past participle: rusticated
    go to, live in, or spend time in the country.
    fashion (masonry) in large blocks with sunk joints and a roughened surface.
    “the stable block was built of rusticated stone”
    suspend (a student) from a university as a punishment (used chiefly at Oxford and Cambridge).

  7. It does already,check it on Bond’s side.

    Kudos anyway for using weathering steel.

  8. Great "Grace" Jones | August 12, 2019 at 7:01 pm | Reply

    Just to let you know, the rust is caused by God crying.

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